Find Indian Pincodes Inside a Radius

Map of India where you can specify a radius and a location to search within and return all the PINs found inside that radius.

Radius Search Map


Step 1 : Radius km (maximum = 500km) OR miles (maximum = 310 miles)

Step 2 : Click on map OR Place radius by location name or Pincode :

Step 3 : Remove duplicate Pincode? :

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Input a radius to search within in KM or miles. Either (1) click on the map or (2) type in an address / Indian PIN on the center of your search radius. After a short delay, the results will appear on the map and in the text box. Once the markers appear on the map, if you hover over a marker, you will see it's PIN code displayed.

You can find a comma separated list of the pincodes in the large text box below the map.

There is a limit to the radius because excessive results can take a long time to load and some web browsers struggle to load them all at once.

Version History

  • 15th March 2015 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

Sahil, these results should be improved now.
By Free Map Tools on 22nd May 2017

Hey, the results are still not accurate. From pincode of 411048, within 200km, pincodes of bihar also come
By Sahil on 21st May 2017

Jennifer, the results should be more accurate now.
By Free Map Tools on 30th April 2017

I'm not confident the results are correct. I entered 240 km around Chennai and the map graphic looks reasonable but I got codes like 143001 which I think is over 2,000 km away. Please help?
By Jennifer on 29th April 2017

great idea!....make it precise
By Imran Khan on 10th March 2017

Hi Sajid, do you have any examples please?
By Free Map Tools on 20th October 2016

still issues of wrong pin code in 50Km radius are coming. Mnay pin codes are shown who are almost 250KM from selected pin code
By SAJID HUSSAIN on 19th October 2016

is it possible to identify boundaries(geometry ) of the pin is possible in this map or any other link do we have to identify pin area
By satish on 25th September 2016

Dwarka, Gujarat, India does seem to return images :
By Free Map Tools on 6th September 2016

Dwarka pincodes not taken into account?
By Bhupesh on 5th September 2016

On 08/08/2016, do you have any examples of issues with the data? We are always trying to improve the quality of the data.
By Free Map Tools on 9th August 2016

Hey, When is the new version going to be available? I agree with Raju, NCR pincodes are not completely being reflected.. Thank you for this wonderful tool!
On 8th August 2016

Can we get the API? We are doing some POC and need this API to complete the POC.
By Akash Jain on 21st July 2016

Do you have any api? Could you please provide the url?
On 14th July 2016

Hi, which area in India?
By Free Map Tools on 25th June 2016

hey, all the pincode specific to that area doesn't get reflect in the list
On 25th June 2016

Do you also provide an API for commercial use?
On 5th June 2016

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Do you have any examples of incorrect results?
By Free Map Tools on 19th May 2016

this is a great tool, but it seems to have a lot of bugs, the map shows too many incorrect pincodes, in wrong locations, so i get very incorrect result. but this is a great tool to have it working right. very good idea.
On 19th May 2016

Thanks for the feedback. This should now be improved.
By Free Map Tools on 13th April 2016

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