Find South Africa Postal Codes Inside a Radius

Map of South Africa where you can specify a point and a radius to search within and return all postcodes inside the radius.

South Africa Postal Code Radius Search Map



Step 1 : Radius km (maximum = 320km) OR miles (maximum = 200 miles)

Step 2 : Click on map OR Place radius by location :


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Input a radius to search within in KM or miles. Click on the map or type in an address or postal code to be the center of your search. After a short delay, the postal codes will appear inside the radius. If you hover over a marker, you will see it's postal code.

You can also extract a list of post codes from the text box below the map to use elsewhere for your own purposes.

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Comments For This Page

why is it pulling 67 postal codes one km radius from waterfront
By Nick on 22nd February 2024

I openened 3 browsers before I realized there were no other postal codes within a 5km radius, probably speaks more to my state of mind at this point in time rather than this great page. Anyhow an little warning message stating there are no other postal codes within the specified radius could prevent this. Very helpful page!
On 19th August 2022

Ian, that is not possible directly on this page. I would suggest you run the two searches then subtract the smaller radius list from the larger list to find the concentric circle area list.
By Free Map Tools on 18th February 2022

Is it possible to set a range of distance to get codes within that range, for example 10-20km, so the codes given are within that range?
By Ian Alport on 12th February 2022

8160 has now been corrected
By Free Map Tools on 14th May 2021

8160 Vredendal is shown in the 30km radius of Cape Town
On 30th April 2021

Nice - thanks! - where can I get eg. a geojson that gives the region associated with the postcode?
By CC on 18th September 2020

hi my postal code for alen's nek within a 15km rdius of my point was not on the list?
On 22nd August 2019

By Aadz on 27th May 2018

Thanks for an awesome tool
On 14th February 2018

Teddy, 7570 (Kraaifontein) should now be found
By Free Map Tools on 18th May 2017

Searched for codes within a 50km radius of code 7490 - Elsies River and 7570 which is Kraaifontein did not appear on your list. Please advise?
By Teddy on 18th May 2017

Ivor, thanks for the feedback. We do have this data so should be possible to implement. Watch this space...
By Free Map Tools on 27th January 2017

This is awesome. It would be great if the postal code also had the suburb / name. e.g. 3650 - Hillcrest,3610 - Pine town, etc.)
By Ivor on 26th January 2017

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