Golf Shot Distance Calculator

Use this tool to record and measure the various strokes required to complete a hole of golf. Click on the link below to start it

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sueper genial
By yhoha****.com on 9th October 2016

Hi, It should be working again.
By Free Map Tools on 4th March 2015

Not working
On 1st March 2015

Markers no longer working. Can not measure golf shot distance. Please restore markers for golf shot distance calculator.
On 22nd February 2015

wat about track club used at each point
By mahadia on 2nd December 2012

Matt - 718 yards to the pub? Would you need a Driver for that (or are you planning on sticking to soft drinks?)
By Dave on 18th January 2012

What about track club used at each point
On 16th January 2012

718 yards from my house to the pub. Definitely a par 6!
By Matt on 14th December 2011

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