How Far Does Santa Have To Travel


Have you ever wondered how far Santa Claus has to travel to get to your house?

You can find out how far it is between the North Pole and your house by using the tool below. You will also be able to see a map showing the route Santa will take from the North Pole to your house.

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About Santa Claus

Santa holds a huge list of children who have been good throughout the year. This list has the addresses, post codes and ZIP codes of all the children. The population of the world right now is 6,630,000,000 so if 27% of the worlds population is below 15 years old then Santa has had to visit 1,790,100,000 children (nearly 2 billion). The list, of course, gets bigger each year as the earths population grows.

Santa has less and less time every year to delivery all the presents to the good children on Christmas Eve, but you can find out how far he has to travel to get from the North Pole to your house.

Please contact Free Map Tools if you experience any problems using this tool.

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Everyone this is not santa its just a app
By Liam the Christmas lover on 10th November 2022

1000 miles
By Emma on 24th October 2022

Hey Santa for Christmas next year I want an Apple Watch air pods a new iPhone 7 with a phone number not an account and that%u2019s it
By Mia on January 3 2022 on 3rd January 2022

I want an ipad since my other one is so glitchy and I also want a apple pen! :)
By Emily! on 24th December 2021

I want a pet ferret for chrismas dec 24 Maya
On 24th December 2021

I want red sneakers and I believe in Santa Wally
On 24th December 2021

I want a horse for Christmas by Kendall 24th December 2021
By Kendall thompson on 24th December 2021

I really believe Santa
On 24th December 2021

Holy cow that's a lot of house
On 24th December 2021

Hi Santa my name is Brooklyn I want to know am I on the nice list
By BROOKLYN on 24th December 2021

Santa this is all I want for Christmas
By Alyciea on 24th December 2021

Santa %uD83C%uDF85 I want a iphone8 and air pods and is want a hoverboard and nails %uD83D%uDC85 and a backup phone another I phone but this won a iPhone 12 Pro Max and Jordan%u2019s shoes vans
By Alyciea on 24th December 2021

i really want for christmas a new barbie doll
By michael on 13th December 2021

someone wrote that about me it isnt true by michael
On 13th December 2021

hey santa for christmas i would really love to get a lizard and a girl friend for example ellie evie or lyla or maybe all 3 if im a good boy
By michael on 13th December 2021

Just wondering how you all are I am good and merry Christmas
By Leah on 11th December 2021

yo santa
On 10th December 2021

Hi Santa, I%u2019m wondering are you still going to deliver me presents when I%u2019m a grown up?
By Martina Groshkova on 26th November 2021

I always wanted this 60 percent keyboard called a ducky one two mini
By Ja e on 24th December 2020

My birthday is tomorrow %uD83D%uDE18%uD83D%uDE07
By Heaven on 24th December 2020

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