How Far Does Santa Have To Travel


Have you ever wondered how far Santa Claus has to travel to get to your house?

You can find out how far it is between the North Pole and your house by using the tool below. You will also be able to see a map showing the route Santa will take from the North Pole to your house.

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About Santa Claus

Santa holds a huge list of children who have been good throughout the year. This list has the addresses, post codes and ZIP codes of all the children. The population of the world right now is 6,630,000,000 so if 27% of the worlds population is below 15 years old then Santa has had to visit 1,790,100,000 children (nearly 2 billion). The list, of course, gets bigger each year as the earths population grows.

Santa has less and less time every year to delivery all the presents to the good children on Christmas Eve, but you can find out how far he has to travel to get from the North Pole to your house.

Please contact Free Map Tools if you experience any problems using this tool.

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Hi Santa I've been good all year this year I'd like an rose gold iPhone 64gb and a MacBook from Kimberly lambert
On 15th October 2016

Dear Santa, would you please bring me a Easy bake oven, kids car, super hero toy, and playdo maker.Thank YOU SO Much Santa!
By Da'liyah. McMillian on 14th October 2016

Hi Santa some people in my school say that only their mum and dad put out the presents but I don't believe them and I never will
By Grace on 8th August 2016

Hi santa can you give me some IPhone 5 and some blue portable mini fan and the last is a hoverboard
By nicole jade on 12th June 2016

thank you for my presents
By heidi sillett on 22nd February 2016

Hi santa see you next Year
By georgie on 28th December 2015

Will Santa really come to bring me gifts
By Nia on 25th December 2015

Hello I would like a hover board
On 24th December 2015

Merry Christmas Santa Claus
By Charlie Pretty on 24th December 2015

By Kamia on 24th December 2015

Hi santa i have been good this year merry Christmas
By Ysabel alsvig on 24th December 2015

Hi Santa I want to tell you that my friend Ava has been really good this year so you should get her the things she wants
By Ba on 24th December 2015

I love santa but my brother doesn't beleive in you.
By babygurl w on 24th December 2015

Hi Santa I wonder how long it takes you to get to my house/Also I want a computer!
By By aidan cary peters on 24/12/ on 24th December 2015

Hi Santa
On 24th December 2015

hi santa
By Kaylee on 24th December 2015

Dear Santa reese & nash have been great. reese really wants a Girl Scout cookie baker oven & 1D cd & nash really wants a leather jacket & white dress shirt. They are my blessings & even when naughty they are my world & have overall been very very very good. Please bring these to them as their mommy it would make me very very very happy. They also know the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus. Thanks u!
By Courtney on 24th December 2015

i would like to have lagos for christmas
By by charlie on 24th December 2015

i does not tell how long till santa comes to your house
On 24th December 2015

Hi santa merry Christmas and I want xbox one some ps4 games and a laptop and cumputer
By By vansh Vijrindra on 24th December 2015

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