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The KML (Keyhole Markup Language) File Creator will allow you to produce KML files using a simple interface.

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This tool will output a file such as...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
<name>Example placemark</name>
<description>Point at the height of the underlying terrain.</description>

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Hi, does your KML contain a point (Placemark) ?
By Free Map Tools on 22/07/2016

How to load KML to maps ? Upload always loading
On 22/07/2016

KML read test
By Vincenzo on 25/04/2016

It is very helpful for implement google map for tracking device also in other cases.
By Hardik shyara on 11/09/2015

Hulsgud to chandankera via hulsgud tanda

It would be great if you could enter coordinates (like lat/long) and navigate to a point that way.
By ben_marko on 13/06/2015

Hi, /download/27032015-itwl4cll.kml looks fine to me when I look at it.
By Free Map Tools on 27/03/2015

hi, ai poin on the map my adress street, after that on the name i put my website adress, after that i put a descriptions of my buisness and after that i press make kml. i downloaded the file with name: 27032015-itwl4cll.kml and i uploaded on my root website files. is ok how i made? because on verification it says i don't have the kml file . i need to make something else? to rename the file?
By Bogdan on 27/03/2015

On 24/02/2015

By pablox11 on 22/02/2015

I have you tried this program:
By mawuki on 18/01/2015

It would be great if you could draw a radius around a point, and download a KML file with all the zip code boundaries within that radius.
By th55 on 14/01/2015

How to create KML file on android??any solution?
On 20/08/2014

Hi William, it doesn't really matter where the KML file is saved or what it is called.
By Free Map Tools on 12/01/2014

where do I save the klm file? and what should I name it so it' works most effetely?
By william sullivan on 11/01/2014

great tool
By atul kumar on 22/11/2013

Good Work
By MH Manik on 23/06/2013

Great Free Map Tools!
On 20/06/2013

By ;) on 10/03/2013

make your own blehhhh
By blehhh on 24/01/2013

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