Measure Distance From Central Point To Many

Find out the distance from one point to many other points. The distances are also illustrated on a map. This could be used to make a signpost to major cities.

Upload all addresses using the text bow below the map. Then input the central point by clicking on the map or typing the address. Click the Search button to see and find out the distance to each address on the list.

Multiple Distance Map

Search For Location :


 Pan to My Location 

Input Data

Paste a list of addresses in to the text box below, one per line. There is a limit of 30 addresses, anymore will be ignored.

 Upload Address List 


 Zoom To Fit   Reset   Toggle Markers   Show Distance on Markers 

How to use the Measure Distance From Central Point To Many Tool

(1) Upload the list of addresses to plot. There is a limit of 30 addresses. For example:

Paris, France

You can also add text to each marker plotted by wrapping the address and text in double quotes and separating with a comma. For example:

"Belfast","Population of 333,000"
"Paris, France"," France's capital, is a major European city"
"London","Now only the capital of the United Kingdom, London was once the capital city of 6 countries at the same time!"
"Glasgow","The fourth-largest city by population in the UK"

(2) Click the button [Upload Address List]

(3) Then either click on the map or type the address of the mid-point and click the [Search] button

You can toggle between miles / km / nautical miles / yards to measure distances in your preferred units. The Autopan option will move the map as you upload the addresses.

The Search For Location text box allows you to quickly get to an area you wish without spending time zooming and panning to find it. For example if you wish to find the city of Rome in Italy, type "Rome, Italy" and then click Search. The map will then go straight to Rome. Note the "[city][comma][space][county]" format.

The [Reset] button will clear all points and allow you to start measuring a distance again.

[Zoom To Fit] will zoom and pan the map to get the best fit of all your points on as large a zoom as possible.

The [Toggle Markers] button will show or hide the markers if they get in the way.

Future Updates

  • Export list of addresses with distances

Version History

  • 4th September 2017 - Center marker is now a different colour (black)
  • 23nd November 2016 - KML file now shows pins. KML download also starts straight away
  • 22nd November 2016 - Route can be exported to KML file
  • 1st November 2016 - Updates to text on this page
  • 7th September 2016 - You can now add text/labels to the markers that will display on the map. The distance to each point is shown on the map. Updates to documentation.
  • 21st April 2016 - Initial Version

Relevant Links

If you are trying to measure the distance of a single route, then the measure distance tool is probably more suitable for your needs.

Comments For This Page

Super useful, thank you!
On 9th January 2018

Thank you so much for the tool
By HD on 4th December 2017

Awesome tool. Saved me a ton of time. People like you make the world a better place.
By Dr. J on 15th November 2017

Jo-Anne, yes thats correct. As the crow flies.
By Free Map Tools on 10th October 2017

Wonderful free tool! I am using it to plot the distances people are traveling to come to a reunion. May I presume that the miles are "as the crow flies?"
By Jo-Anne on 9th October 2017

I agree with Frank. Having distance by car would be very helpful. I am looking at distances from healthcare facilities to home counties of patients to evaluate the impact on outcome. Travel distances can vary by as much as 20% due to waterways, etc. I am able to get the data from your How Far Between tool, but it take quite a bit of time. PS - this is a great resource. Thank you!!!!
By James on 8th September 2017

Good Idea! The marker is now black.
By Free Map Tools on 4th September 2017

Hi, this is a wonderful tool! I think making the central marker a different colour would make it visually more distinguishable. Thanks
On 31st August 2017

Hi Frank, thanks for the suggestion. This is not possible to provide as it would require additional processing time and costs to enable this functionality. Perhaps this tool may be of use : How Far Can I Travel.
By Free Map Tools on 29th August 2017

Great tool. Would it be possible to add the option to choose between straight line distance, driving by car distance, driving by bike distance, walking distance?
By Frank on 24th August 2017

Happy in Ontario, your suggestion has been noted.
By Free Map Tools on 12th May 2017

For a free tool this is great. Quickly resolved how much farther a league would drive if we changed venue. ONly Ask, consider a text export option of the 30 addresses with the link distances, or a summary total of all links line at the end for those of us using it that way (vs the signpost ideology)
By Happy in Ontario on 4th May 2017

ok thanks for your reply:) hopefully this will function one day :)
By Wink on 4th May 2017

Hi Wink, I understand what you suggest, but the road distance calculation is a bit more tricky to do in batches at a time. We will consider this but there probably wont be an update in the near future.
By Free Map Tools on 4th April 2017

Hi, was wondering if you could apply in this section the "travel by road/land"parameter, as is working on the mode with 2 points? thanks in advance!
By Wink on 4th April 2017

This is great! If it could do the same but using streets it would be awesome.
On 24th February 2017

how do I save the map and the list of distances below the map
By mel on 6th February 2017

Hi, which position did you try?
By Free Map Tools on 23rd January 2017

My position is not correct...
On 22nd January 2017

525 Kedzie Evanston Illinois 60202 531 Chicago Avenue Evanston Illinois 60202 534 HINMAN aPT 2E EVANSTON Illinois 60202 534 Michigan Ave #A1 EVANSTON Illinois 60202 537 Forest Ave. EVANSTON Illinois 60202 537 Forest Ave. EVANSTON Illinois 60202 544 Wesley Evanston Illinois 60202 545 Hinman Ave L3 EVANSTON Illinois 60202 6007 N Sheridan Rd Illinois 601 Linden EVANSTON Illinois 60202 6060 N Kirkwood Ave Chicago Illinois 60646 611 B Custer Ave Evanston Illinois 60202 6416 N Hermitage CHICAGO Illinois 60626 6416 N. Hermitage Chicago Illinois 60626 653 Wesley Ave Evanston Illinois 60202 653 Wesley Avenue Evanston Illinois 60202 653 Wesley Avenue Evanston Illinois 60202 6805 N Wolcott Ave CHICAGO Illinois 60626 6906 N Ashland Blvd Apt 1S Chicago Illinois 60626 701 Oakton St EVANSTON Illinois 60202 702 Custer Ave Evanston Illinois 60202 702 Custer Ave Evanston Illinois 60202 708 Michigan Ave Evanston Illinois 60202 708 michigan ave EVANSTON Illinois 60202 714 Sheridan Road EVANSTON Illinois 60202 715 Chicago Ave EVANSTON Illinois 60202 719 Dobson St EVANSTON Illinois 60202 719 Dobson St Illinois 7305 N Oconto Ave Chicago Illinois 60639 7305 N Oconto Ave CHICAGO Illinois 60639
On 5th December 2016

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