Meeting Centre of Gravity for Canada Postal Codes

Use this tool to find the best place to hold a meeting for it's attendees by inputting their Canadian Postal Codes. The COG tool will then work out the centre of gravity for the meeting. This will be represented by a marker on the map.

Meeting COG For Canada Postal Codes


Input Data

  Postal Code (5 digits)
Postal Code 1
Postal Code 2
Postal Code 3
Postal Code 4
Postal Code 5
Postal Code 6
Postal Code 7
Postal Code 8
Postal Code 9
Postal Code 10

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Further Information on Postal Code COG Tool

Once you input the Canadian Postal Codes (2 up to 10), this tool will work out where the best place is to hold the meeting. This will be a point on the map where, if all attendees could travel in a straight line to get to, would give the least combined travel time for them to meet up.

Let us know if this tool comes in useful to you by posting a comment below. It will be interesting to find out how it is used.

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Thanks Deborah. Increased the text box sizes...
By Free Map Tools on 11th January 2024

Canadian postal codes are 6 digits..
By Deborah on 10th January 2024

I have a small business that I'm relaunching. I have a delivery area and I'm using this to help me understand where the best location for our shop is (at least from a logistical perspective). Suggestion: instead of discrete fields for each postal code, could you just make it a comma-delimited field? Regardless, thanks for setting this up!
By Marc on 28th April 2023

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