Optimised Route

Use this tool to find the most efficient route between a start location and end location and way points in between. This tool will rearrange the order of the way points to produce the most efficient route. This is also known as the traveling salesman problem.

Optimised Route Map

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Input Data

Type the locations below. The first location is the start point, the last location is assumed to be the end point. All locations in between are waypoints that will be optimised. You can have up to 8 waypoints.

Start Location
Location 2
Location 3
Location 4
Location 5
Location 6
Location 7
Location 8
Location 9
Location 10

 Find Optimised Route 


How To Use

Input two or more locations in the text boxes provided. Click the [Find Optimised Route] button. The optimised route will then be calculated and displayed on the map.

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Comments For This Page

Why isn't it working and optermizing my post codes
On 18th June 2023

Why wont it optermize my post codes?
On 29th May 2023

It won't optimise my post codes
On 28th March 2023

This is great in theory and worked really well except that I'll be on a bicycle and it's sending me down a dual carriageway which realistically is a nope. I guess it can't know my mode and assumes car!
By John on 13th April 2022

Useless. Wasted my time. Didn't include one of my stops. No help what so ever.
On 26th November 2018

Any way to do this via KML upload? Eulerian path support?
By Mike on 26th August 2014

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