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Use this tool to plot airline route networks or airport destination maps. You can add as many starting and end airports to the network of routes. Find the airport by name, IATA or ICAO.

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About the Airport Route Tool

This tool allows you to quickly plot a route map between airports. You can find the airport by name, IATA or ICAO or just click on its marker on the map.

How to use the Airport Route Tool

  • Type the name, IATA or ICAO of an airport in to the two text boxes
  • Click [Plot Route] to plot the route on the map
  • Continue to add additional routes between airports
  • You can toggle the airport markers on and off
  • You can toggle the route distance labels on or off
  • To start again click [Reset]
  • Click [Click To Plot] to then click/tap on the airport markers in order to draw the route

Future Ideas

  • Allow export of completed route map
  • Allow a single route to be deleted

Version History

  • 23rd February 2017 - Initial Version

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Hi Kimball, there is no option to toggle units. Would you like this to be added?
By Free Map Tools on 11th November 2017

Why can't I change it from KM to miles?
By Kimball on 10th November 2017

Very Useful!
On 20th March 2017

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