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Use this tool to plot airline route networks or airport destination maps. You can add as many starting and end airports to the network of routes. Find the airport by name, IATA or ICAO.

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About the Airport Route Tool

This tool allows you to quickly plot a route map between airports. You can find the airport by name, IATA or ICAO or just click on its marker on the map.

How to use the Airport Route Tool

  • Type the name, IATA or ICAO of an airport in to the two text boxes
  • Click [Plot Route] to plot the route on the map
  • Continue to add additional routes between airports
  • You can toggle the airport markers on and off
  • You can toggle the route distance labels on or off
  • To start again click [Reset]
  • Click [Click To Plot] to then click/tap on the airport markers in order to draw the route
  • Click on a route (red line) to remove it

Future Ideas

  • Allow inputing and plotting a route with multiple stops. e.g. MMMX-SEQU-SPIM-SKBO-KOPF
  • Add a table listing all routes, distances and provide an interface for actions such as delete/edit a route
  • Allow a single route to be deleted
  • Allow export of completed route map (+3 votes)

Version History

  • 1st June 2020 - The User Menu can now be used to save and load Route Maps
  • 5th February 2020 - Added option to remove single route
  • 5th June 2019 - Implemented Leaflet Maps
  • 12th March 2018 - Initial Version
  • 23rd February 2017 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

Hi again. I checked the tinyurl feature and it works. Thx. One issue though... I erased one of the legs of the trip because I'd made a mistake and then when done with all the legs, I saved it. When I loaded it in a new browser (incognito) it showed the route including the deleted leg. Hope it helps. :D
By CaptnOgre on 14th May 2021

Thx for the fix. Will try it later and report back any issues. :D
By CaptnOgre on 14th May 2021

CaptnOgre, thanks for explaining. We found an issue with it and fixed it.
By Free Map Tools on 14th May 2021

About the tinyurl. When you save a route on the user menu, there is a link option, when I clicked it a small popup comes up with a tinyurl. Upon pasting that link on a browser and hitting enter, the url transforms into an hmtl line with tags and such and the browser page is completely blank, not even an error message. I'll be happy to keep reporting if it helps. :D
By CaptnOgre on 14th May 2021

Great about the multiple stops. It would be very useful.
By CaptnOgre on 14th May 2021

CaptnOgre, inputing and plotting a route with multiple stops sounds like a feasible idea. We will add this to our to-do list.
By Free Map Tools on 13th May 2021

Not sure what you mean by tinyurl? That option isn't on this page
By Free Map Tools on 13th May 2021

It would be great if we could input the full route with ICAO or iata codes in a certain format or drop downs and have it plot all legs. Ex: MMMX-SEQU-SPIM-SKBO-KOPF
By CaptnOgre on 12th May 2021

The tinyurl doesn't work. When you paste it on a browser it puts html code on the search bar and doesn't load the page. Liking this tool very much keep up the good work. :D
By CaptnOgre on 12th May 2021

Add a way to delete only one route and not all of then, also it keeps adding random routes for no reason
On 28th March 2021

Allow export of completed route map
By Frank on 19th February 2021

Works great
By Ron on 21st January 2021

Allow the export feature please.. my company needs a route map. Thanks
By Dim28 on 19th November 2020

Hi Stephen787, do you mean the distance label that appears mid-way along the route? If so, they can be toggled using the [Toggle Distances] button.
By Free Map Tools on 28th September 2020

It would be great to be able to toggle or switch off the route labels as they cover too much of the screen when you have several routes nearby.
By Stephen787 on 27th September 2020

A new feature has just been added. The User Menu (top right of screen) can now be used to save and load Route Maps.
By Free Map Tools on 1st June 2020

I'll be honest, you should get aSave button in the future without having to print. Friendly advice.
By Jack on 28th May 2020

cant u make it so that it saves as pdf or image file? also can u make it save so that when i reopen the page i can get back to where i was? thanks for this anyways it has helped me track my route as i travel fully around the globe visiting every country along the way!
By JP on 16th April 2020

How long until this can export?
By Arma on 15th March 2020

This function has now been added
By Free Map Tools on 5th February 2020

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