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This trip calculator can be used to work out how long a journey will take. Simply enter your average speed and start clicking. You can then read off how long your journey is and how long it will take to complete.

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How to use the Trip Calculator

First, type in your average speed. Click to specify if this speed is in Miles per hour or Kilometers per hour.

Then begin to click on the map to plot your route. You can click as many times as required.

As your journey builds up, the trip calculator will work out how far your journey is and also how long it will take. You can read the time in hours, minutes or seconds

Before, during and after you plot your route, you can change any of the settings such as the average speed, the units or speed, units of distance or units or time.

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Comments For This Page

App did exactly what I needed, I like how it doesn't confine you to roads only as i used it for riding dirt bikes cross country and we don't always follow roads. Great tool, Very helpful!
By Silber on 1st April 2019

Superb, thanks!
On 14th December 2018

Smapdi, please have a look at How Far Is It Between.
By Free Map Tools on 27th February 2018

This tool should automatically route along roads between points. As it is now, I can click across the ocean and it will just draw a straight line, that isn't helpful, and it isn't efficient to click every single intersection on a long trip.
By Smapdi on 23rd February 2018

hen hao kan
On 10th January 2017

On 30th November 2016

Time consuming adding all my way marks along the road but it achieved exactly what I wanted. Total distance was accurate and the time and speed also. Worked fine on mobile but no functionality on "pc version" in mobile browser. Make sure to turn pc version off if you have an option. Thanks for this tool.
On 17th November 2016

Impossible to use. Keeps dropping a start as I try to get even close to where I actually want the trip to begin. I live in UK and it dropped the start for me in South Africa, how usable is that
On 5th November 2016

Hi Ant, please get in contact and we can go from there...
By Free Map Tools on 26th April 2016

Hi. Im looking for a calculator to embed into a site currently in build, that will enable a user to get a 'quick quote' based on the start and end milage multiplied by a mileage rate per mile, is this something you can do?
By Ant - Big Toy Movers on 26th April 2016

It works on a Microsoft Surface Notebook but you have to use the pen otherwise it doesn't work
By Ben on 2nd February 2016

waste of time
On 28th October 2015

Ask for your money back?
On 14th April 2015

this tool is lame.
On 21st February 2014

On trip calculator can it be made to provide cumulative and 'stage' distances ?
By JOHN WITHILL on 17th December 2012

Calculates your distance and journey time BY HELICOPTER. Does not, so far as I can see, fit two selected points to the ground road network. I don't need this tool to calculate the straight-line distance between two points - I can manage that myself. So, what use is this exactly?
On 3rd August 2012

DOES NOT LET ME TYPE IN "Total Distance"
On 1st August 2012

now works
By Free Map Tools on 26th July 2012

not evening working
By bogus on 24th July 2012

bogus. not even close to real time and miles
On 22nd July 2008

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