View and Edit Photo GPS Data

Use this page to view the location a photo was taken on a map. You can also add or edit the GPS data on a photo and download the new version. Drop a photo below to get started...


Have you ever needed to find out where a photo was taken? Use this page to retrieve GPS data stored in a photo and see the location on a map. If no GPS data can be found within the photo then a message will appear to say so. You can also add or modify the GPS data stored in a photo to a new location.

Photo Location Map


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Step 1:


  1. Upload a photo by dragging and dropping onto the area above the map. Alternatively, click anywhere on the area to browse your photos.
  2. Once the photo has uploaded one of two events will occur:
    1. The photo will be plotted on the map to represent the GPS location
    2. A message will inform you that no GPS data can be found
  3. Once a photo is plotted on the map you can drag the marker to place the photo at a new location. Once this is done you can expand the info window on the marker to find a download link. This will download the newly modified version of the photo with the new GPS data for the new location.
  4. You can upload more than one photo
  5. You can delete a photo by clicking the remove file option below the thumbnail


This page has two purposes:

  1. Upload and scan a photo to try and determine the GPS location
  2. Modify a photo to add the new GPS data

As the second function modifies the photo data it is advised that a backup of the original photo is kept at all times. Free Map Tools will not be held responsible for the loss or modification of any data within the photo file, intentionally or unintentionally.

Version History

  • 8th December 2015: Version 1.0 - Initial Version
  • 23rd August 2019 : Version 2.0 - Convert to Leatlet Maps



PHP Exif Library - pel by lsolesen

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On 13th July 2021

Hi, it should be working again.
By Free Map Tools on 30th June 2021

hii i have problem when i download photo it's not download in jpeg format download in html format i receive this problem in last 2 day so please solve this problem..
On 30th June 2021

I'll try this
By Doni on 2nd May 2021

Why do you often have to select a photo for a location
By ilesh prajapati on 22nd March 2021

This location has been identified using .Please see the image and map below.
On 2nd September 2019

This location has been identified using .Please see the image and map below.
On 3rd July 2019

By Jake on 6th January 2019

A million thanks for making this tool! It saved me around 5 hours of work! :D
By BMatrix on 15th June 2018

Powell/Mason Cable Car Turnaround
On 25th December 2017

On 24th November 2017

By N.K.Dixit ALIRAJPUR on 27th October 2016

On 8th December 2015

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