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Provide a radius and address to centre your search. The map will then show any towns or cities within the radius.

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This tool can be used to find cities and towns within a particular radius of a central location. Note, there is no clear way to determine what is a town or city on a global scale so the results on this page may include or exclude some places. Get in contact if you see a big mistake and we will do our best to update the system.


  1. Select a radius to search within ... 1km, 5km, 10km, 20km or 50km
  2. Select a centre point by either
    • Type an address and click / tap Search
    • Click / tap Search with an empty text box to find your current location
    • Click / tap on the map to indicate the center of the search
  3. Once the search is complete, you can see the list of towns and cities below the map. You can also tap on a marker of a result to find more details


The search radius has a limit of 50km. This cannot be increased.

Version History

  • 9th May 2019 : 2.3 - Fixed bug with miles/km distance reported beside each city/town found
  • 25th January 2019: 2.2 - Update to UI when location is not found
  • 18th January 2019: 2.1 - Added option to show distance beside town/city. Bug fixes
  • 17th September 2018: 2.0 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 20th July 2018: 1.4 - Bug fixes
  • 5th March 2018: 1.3 - Bug fix to radius input (max values)
  • 2nd November 2017: 1.2 - Radius input changed to allow user to specify exact radius
  • 31st October 2017: 1.1 - Fixed issue with KM/miles switch
  • 22nd May 2017: 1.0 - Initial version

Future Ideas and Enhancements

  • Method to filter cities and towns by population size. For example, only return cities with a population greater than 20,000 people
  • Include post/zip codes with the the towns/cities data

Comments For This Page

I just love the site. Thanks for the imformation. To bad I couldnt click on the output names of towns/cities and find out more information. But maybe it will be expanded maybe not. I still can copy the towns and google search the imformation needed.
By Sam on 12th July 2019

I second the request for adding State code. as the radius I am looking at goes into 3 states. Otherwise Loving that i can not only see the map, but also giving me a list is super awesome. wish I could increase to 75 miles. but happy for what I have as that woudl also make it 5 states. Thanks!
By Neil OHara on 17th June 2019

How many miles is 2 hours away
On 18th May 2019

Thanks for the feedback Tracey. You are right, there was an issue with the distance output beside each town. This has now been fixed.
By Free Map Tools on 9th May 2019

I think I found the answer to my issue...the distances are inaccurate when the search is done in "miles", but much more accurate when done in "km".
By Tracey on 9th May 2019

My results are inaccurate. For example, my query was for cities within 60 miles of Columbia, SC. It\'s showing Pelion, SC to be 52.80 miles from Columbia and that\'s grossly inaccurate. What am I doing wrong?
By Tracey on 9th May 2019

This is so cool! Thank you ;)
By sennchiee on 7th May 2019

Gail, it\'s one way
By Free Map Tools on 26th April 2019

Does a 75 mile radius mean one way or a total of there and back?
By Gail on 26th April 2019

By DIANTHIA on 24th April 2019

It would be amazing to be able to find towns within a radius where you could set a minimum and maximum distance from the center point. For example, find towns from 20 to 40 miles from Boston.
By Stephanie on 29th March 2019

It doesnt show results outside of the state.
On 17th March 2019

Awesome tool. Is there a way to draw a boundary to see all of the cities within?
On 14th March 2019

Hi Nina, sorry this is not possible.
By Free Map Tools on 14th March 2019

Is it possible to do a search where the towns are listed by county or borough?
By Nina on 13th March 2019

Is there a way to see cities within a high radius? Like 200 km, 300 km or 400 km?
By Simon on 10th March 2019

Mary, sorry this is not possible.
By Free Map Tools on 3rd March 2019

Is there a way to include the State in the results?
By mary on 27th February 2019

Hi Jason, thanks for the feedback. To confirm, you put for example 20 (miles) in the text box, but the results you get are over 20miles? Is this on both the map and text output? Can you present an example to replicate it? We are always keen to get rid of bugs when we find them!
By Free Map Tools on 6th February 2019

The query runs with no problem, but my results always go out to 80 miles, no matter how many miles I set in the parameter. I'm only looking for 24-40 miles, so it does give me my answer, it just gives more than I asked for. Not sure if that is intended or a bug, but there you go. Works perfectly, otherwise!
By Jason Griffith on 6th February 2019

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