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The Save Route Tool can be used to plot a series of connecting markers representing a route. You can then save this route as a file to recall and edit later. This is useful because you can then come back to edit a route, or share with others.

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Load An XML File

Navigate to an xml file saved on your computer and then click Load to load it into the map above. Note: The file must end in .xml and be of a format supported by this tool.


Known Issues and Future Plans

  • The saved file will not remember the status of the map view (Map / Satellite / Hybrid)
  • Once a route is loaded, it is only possible to edit the last marker i.e. add or remove it. It should be possible to move or remove all markers
  • The ability to leave comments on each / any marker
  • The ability to plot more than one route on the same map
  • The ability to leave comments at a point not on a route
  • Allow user to choose from various marker styles to signify different points

If you have any suggestions or feedback, then please contact us.

Version History

  • 12th March 2023 - Convert to Leaflet Maps
  • 21st June 2021 - Bug Fix
  • 12th January 2014 - Updated to Google Maps API V3
  • 3rd July 2007 - You can now save and load xml files containing your route - but there are bugs
  • 23rd June 2007 - Page Created (no functionality)

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5-10-13 route. need to get a bus from dollar to tillicoultry but they shoulf be pretty frequent
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This seems to be the only option to trace a route and keep it. Not sure if it works yet.
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Have just today created a map, saved it as XML and now when I load it I see nothing on the map!
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