List of Australia Related Map Tools

There now follows a list of all the tools available on Free Map Tools that relate to the Australia. This includes Australian zip code tools.

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If you have any suggestions for possible tools to use then get in contact.

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On 25th March 2024

Area of South Australia state where the Natiave Vegetation Act applies
By JP on 10th May 2023

Very handy tools.
By cjDdj on 2nd May 2023

I do appeciate the "Distance Between" tool, But why is my Elivation -99999m? I should be drowning :-)
By Les TYACK on 9th August 2020

love this app but would like to print map once area defined Would pay for this service
By Paul Taylor on 5th February 2019

By nowun on 13th December 2018

Great tool, its the only service which can extract postcodes from an area selection. It would be great if the data could be extracted from a map created in google "my maps" ( using the draw tool.
By Will on 7th November 2018

Gold :-)
By Simon on 1st November 2018

Hi Jo, can you explain why it is unusable? We will look in to any issues.
By Free Map Tools on 6th September 2018

you guys killed the website with this new maps - its literally unusable , go back to google maps
By Jo on 6th September 2018

Great app, spot on and perfect for our needs of finding the radius around certain points. Keep it up!
On 7th August 2018

Great work guys! Thank you for this. Much appreciated.
By Pete on 5th July 2018

the text is small and dense
On 29th April 2018

This website is ok but I don't get much information from it and it is hard for me to even find a single note that could help me with my reaserch.
By Sandy on 1st April 2018

On 16th October 2017

Thank you so much for such an amazing work guys. cheers, james
By james on 7th October 2017

Broome Darwin
On 3rd November 2016

By Dave Patel on 29th May 2016

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